his grin raises showing no remorse to the innocent lives he onced came close to

his eyes pierce deep thus his glare is filled with one's darkest desires smiling back

you behind the screen,turn back and leave this domain before he seeks

we and many others are b0und here forever trApped in this eternal hell that is smiley's
especially me just take a good look cause this could be you
this domain was once a proud one until the window came
when that jonas character came in that one morning......
when i got demoted to the lowest rank..al because of one causality
that he purposely killed if it wasn't for fucking mike for assianging them to our team this stupid AI that killed us and it would be doing what its meant to be doing .....
we've tried to reach out and stop him but no one came everyone left us....as one with the forgoten.......is this place truly twilight falls?.....why must we live this hell...his fate...are we merely just pawns of her's?.....can we truly burn our futures? and forget the past?...is there really someone on the other side of this screen reading this? let alone typing this?.....guess we'll never know huh ivan...what a bitter way to die
if only it was so easy now leave