This has to be hell right?

is this a live feed?

Of course this is a live feed $#@)( where the fuck do you think we are?

w-we're not in lucid are we? l-like this isn't where frowny stores the memories and sells them back to the parent's kids is it?

*static silence*

listen if we're already an yxe unit for both smiley and frowny,if we dont somehow manage to get out of this zone before they jyxe arrive we'll dead for good so shut up and get your ass in gear

so this is it for us huh? we tried escaping,and to an extent we did.but we still ended up here,reliving this fragment of our memories.

and yet no matter how hard we try,we always come back to this specific moment of time.

its like she wants us to be devoured by her temptations