Howdy if you got here you either A) got here the legit way and are viewing this through that cute tiny screen that im calling a vitra compoot,or B) you typed random things because you have no idea how to navigate the site in which case I comend you (insert thumbsup emoji here).My name is Sylvia Phaust,this is my dreamscape.This stimmed off of a project I had with a friend called "Conduct".The original outline of the project was going to be a text choose your own adventure type game,with multiple game generes mixed in (like fps rouge like) made purely in smilebasic.The story was about james copperfeild and rose entering the sninkygle mansion in search for rose's past.Said friend is dead now,leaving me as the sole creator of the project,thus this site (and many more projects down the line) was born.But enough about that not like anyone cares for this project anyway,you're here for who I AM...I think.Well Im clearly a web dev (pretty decent one I would say...I mean look at what I created).Im pretty much self taught in all aspects thanks to a shitty family so things can be pretty off in some aspects.Uh what else....OH Im also Trans fae,my pronouns are She/Xer,if you would like a glimpse as to how I found that tid bit out I do have an archived blog that can be found here (I should drag that out again cause life has taken some crazy turns lately and I kinda need a safe space).I may or may not be a hedgewytch (still figuring that part out),uhhh....I dont have a support me section (like a Patreon or whatever) even though I should if i plan on keeping this project alive.Also if you click that little white triangle that's above this wall of text it'll play music so you can make reading this a little less awkward (i wonder how many people know that bit),random tid bit I know.I honestly don't know what else to put here...I mean no one particularly asked me about WHO I am ya know? So im not really good with this type of thing.Guess I'll end it here...If anyone has ideas you know how to contact me,unless again you got here by pure luck in which case actually go through the site mkay?