Do you hear that pound deep inside your chest?

No? Maybe you need to close your eyes and breathe,maybe

even unclench that aching jaw you have latched onto your chin.

do you hear it now?

That's your innerself beating deep inside you.

All the emotion you surpress so that you can

impresse your crush,or all of the

decisions you didn't act on,

all that regret is stored in there.

So please wanderer of the crimson ,

take a minute and listen.

listen to your aching heart,

even if you do this just once in your whole life.

You'll feel better about the regrets you've made in the past

and move on and mold them into something positive.

these grotusque images you see here,

are hearts of those who shoved all their problems onto

others and surpressed their true emotion.

And that mint one you see above us is

a heart that was juuust barely able to escape the

clutches of frowny,

and form into something beatiful.

so please wanderer of the crimson,

listen to the thumps that dwell within you.

you might even find something about yourself you had

no idea about.