March 31st 2014,day one of merging conscious with v0.59.
So...Im in here now with them...
If you are wondering if you can see all 157 of them the answer is yes,however as you are merged with me they will only see you as a reflection of me.
Will our voices be the same?
No but,by judging from the fact that you designed me via your aura to torment them with their deepest anxiety every 300 days,im not sure if they'll be happy to see me let alone a mirrior of me.
300 days? That's oddly specific.
Says the one who to kill their brother in law to save himself via the dream terminal,at 3:35AM.
Besides,that's not the thing you should be questioning.
Then what should i be questioning?The fact that i don't understand how there can be two jonasi co-existing in the same body? Or the fact that Mrs.Suyu phone ai became a children care coordinator,and is feeding off of the jonas that didn't kill himself to escape the harsh reality that HE CREATED?
Well,its to late to be answering those questions he already escaped my grasp and stole a copy of your body.No the thing you should be questioning is how are you going to get in contact with Jack? Ever since you threw his soul in here and shut down the terminal,i haven't been able to contact him sense..
Sense? don't you mean s-i-n-c-e? and what do you mean you haven't been able too?
No you dumbass ,s-e-n-s-e....Have you not learned a thing from the other jonas? anYway,it would seem like jack either caught on or is dead.
Caught on? Wait so the souls that get tossed in here are oblivious as to what's happening to them until they wake up?
Did he not tell you anything as to how this world works separately from the terminal? No wait don't answer that,listen i would gladly tell you how this world works but we don't have time nor the resources for that.We need to confirm if Jack is truely alive or is dead in a bush somewhere.
Well where can we look? its not like i can really go anywhere cause ya know...YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME CONTROL OVER MY LEGS!
Sigh...You really are an idiot,i gave you control over your arms so if you want to explore this world just drag your greasy salad fingers and tap here