Summer Days Ad script version:1 runtime 1min,30sec. Voice Over by CEo of Twilight Peaks, Suyu Faust.

The constant stress of life is nothing to scoff at.No one truly grasps how crushing it is until they reach breaking point.I wonder why that is. Even after they have reached this supposed breaking point, most just walk it off and act like it never happened. They don't learn from the struggle nor do they try and proccess what happened, they just stay within the same statis they've been stuck in their whole life. That is why I teamed up with lead technical operator of Crimson Peaks, Jonas Stillman to created this dream like operating system, to lend those who are struggling with the hurdles with life. I call it Dream 0S and it is designed to help the end user learn new coping methods, learn from their past and build a better tomorrow, and even give a space to vent all frustrations out into the aethos. This operating system is equipped with top of the line Artificial Intelligence Companion, Smilely. This AIC is tasked with assisting the user with all of their needs and even provides a friend. Its adaptable module is able to help even the most closed off individuals who tend to choose the "lone wolf" path in life. Mr. Stillman and his crew have been working on this operating system since spring of 1997, and have been working diligently, day and night ever since. We are very close to producing an alpha build to our investors, its planned release is fall of 2003. Unfortunately due to the nature of this project we are currently unable to provide any samples of Mr. Stillman's work at this time but, I can show you this, a close look into Smilely's brain. I hope you're are excited to see what's to come. Deppending on how the early stages of the Operating System perform it should be on the market late 2010 and it will be released as a therapy companion, that way everybody from all walks of life can enjoy and benefit what Smilely has to offer, regardless of the background they come from. Together we can build a brighter tomorrow, I'm Miss Suyu Faust it is has been a pleasure to present this project to U.

So what do you think?

Its a start, do you really think your team can pull off such an early release? Don't get me wrong I have full faith that they can with flying colors, but the last time--
They absolutely can, this won't be another Frowny, back then we were naive and lacked the experince. It may have been only 3 years since that comercial failure of a prototype, but my team and I have full confidence to make your dream a relatity, one that deserves to be seen by the public.
Suyu I want to make you proud, I know its hard being the exec for a company you have no love for.
Just don't be foolish with this one, we don't want to kill another kid, Our advertising team can only cover so many of your failures Jonas.