do you think he made it?

who? you mean jonas? there's no way i mean he practically killed himself over this project and this...rebirth thing

Shush quiet you 3 we have another one

*pfft* h-hello there....Tyme is it?

Welcome to toriko early staged alpha

The time currently is 7:24AM Thrusday 17th 2003

Hey kid don'tcha think you should be getting ready for school


OH GOD they're typing he might be the one

Tyme: im actually sick my father just gave me this machine while he went off to work.I wasn't expecting more than one respone w-who are you guys? and how do you know my dad?

We're maintance ai we're here keeping this program nice and stable for the big smilin man up on level 3...our names are not important

Your father is the one who made us...although he hasn't been the same for a while.

*ZAP* HEY no freaking out number 13.

giggling sounds from audio source_0

Tyme: what do i call you 4 then?


Tyme: She*

sorry SHE has a point guess we have have to give her our names

> yeah she is Jonas' kid afterall,and she has a devkit

Tyme: i have what?

A special machine

Yeah we might run into her again.