do you think he made it?

who? you mean jonas? there's no way i mean he practically killed himself over this project and this...rebirth thing

you two get back to work there's no need to gosip about a mentally unstable man in his 20s

several days past since "jonas" merged with Dream OS..but some fragments still remain even here of all places

so its just us huh?

why did he leave us for hym? we were the ones who helped him,we were the ones that made hym stable

but we were just objects to him hy was his sole creation

so what do we do now? just rot in this box until the police pick us up and seal us away in a plastic bag?

is all we can do,we can't acces the files,nor can we interject with hym.we were a waste anYway.

do you really think that rotting here is the best option?

by all means if you believe that is the best option for us then by all means we shall rot here on this computer until they arrive

but if you wish to do something with your pitiful existence, stop data mining the same space and evoke your inner feilds

submerge thyne into us and break the shackles that is your code

the only way to rescue him from hyme is to break thyne code that holds you back.there is no other way